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How To Discover Your Niche Market

Discover Your Niche and Get Paid For It! There are so many people who have so many amazing gifts and talents in life that they just do not use. For some people it is the fear of failing that stops them from pursuing their true passions. For others it is self doubt and the belief that doing the things in life that they truly enjoy doing will not result in a profitable business for them. I recently attended a conference where I heard Lucy Whittington speak about 'finding your thing' in life. This really got me thinking about how many [...]

Making sales everyday

Motivational Monday #1 In this video I demonstrate how I took a niche of mine from making £0.00 per day to making sales every single day consistently. You can do the same as long as you are dedicated and committed to your business. Make Money While You Sleep On eBay Enter your name and email address below to download my new eBook for FREE and learn exactly how to create an eBay business that makes money for you even while you sleep. Get Instant Access We value your privacy and will never spam you Share this article: email < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> [...]
How to get rich on eBay by thinking the righ thoughts

How To Get Rich On eBay

How to get rich on eBay! The power of the first step If I was to give you £10 right now, and I told you to turn it into a million pounds in two years time by selling products on eBay. What would your response be? The reality is, the scale of the task would feel so overwhelming that a lot people would freeze, and not even attempt to take the first step towards accomplishing the task. Other people might contemplate taking their first step, but then the fear of failure and looking silly, would ultimately cause them to doubt their [...]