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marketing your business

How to market your business by building an audience

Building an audience to help you market your stuff! The way consumers are buying in the 21st century is rapidly changing and it is time to adapt your marketing to a more 21st century approach. Quite simply if you are still attempting to compete purely on price you are fighting a losing battle and the long term sustainability of your business will ultimately suffer as a consequence. The battle is not one of price but rather one of attention. Who has the attention of your target audience? More importantly, is anyone paying attention to your current marketing efforts if you [...]
start selling online

Things to do before you start selling a new product online

4 steps to launching a new product online   Whenever you are looking to sell an item online it is important that you first research the demand for that particular product before investing further time and money into your idea. I have many videos and articles explaining different methods and strategies which will help you to identify popular products that you can both source and sell online. If you are able to get your hands on a product that is already proving to be a top seller, you are likely to be able to piggy back off of the success [...]

Increasing online sales by making the most of public holidays

How to increase online sales by staying attentive to public holidays  Increasing online sales can be difficult if you do not have a solid strategy, nonetheless, public holidays create a great opportunity for you to capitalize on the season and adjust your online store accordingly. This weekend just like thousands of others I was spending time with my family for mother’s day. As you can imagine, almost every one of my local shops were stacked full of mother’s day gifts and cards. These shops were capitalizing on the season and you can do the exact same thing to help you [...]
marketing tips

Website Marketing Tips

Website marketing tips for business owners Having a fantastic looking website is great; however, if you are not savvy with your marketing, your website could end up not being seen by your potential customers and this could dramatically affect your websites ability to attract new leads and clients into your business. In this article I am sharing a few website marketing tips to help you to better advertise your website. Free vs paid traffic  There are two main types of traffic sources that you can utilize to help market your website and by traffic I simply mean ‘visitors to your [...]