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Things to do before you start selling a new product online

4 steps to launching a new product online   Whenever you are looking to sell an item online it is important that you first research the demand for that particular product before investing further time and money into your idea. I have many videos and articles explaining different methods and strategies which will help you to identify popular products that you can both source and sell online. If you are able to get your hands on a product that is already proving to be a top seller, you are likely to be able to piggy back off of the success [...]

Increasing online sales by making the most of public holidays

How to increase online sales by staying attentive to public holidays  Increasing online sales can be difficult if you do not have a solid strategy, nonetheless, public holidays create a great opportunity for you to capitalize on the season and adjust your online store accordingly. This weekend just like thousands of others I was spending time with my family for mother’s day. As you can imagine, almost every one of my local shops were stacked full of mother’s day gifts and cards. These shops were capitalizing on the season and you can do the exact same thing to help you [...]

Turning eBay browsers into eBay buyers [Live free training]

Live training reveals how to turn eBay browsers into eBay buyers Next week Thursday 4th February 2016 at 1pm EST and 6pm GMT, I have been invited to speak on a webinar with Xsellco. The topic of the webinar is 'how to turn eBay browsers into eBay buyers' and I will be covering the following topics: How to find potentially profitable products to add to your eBay inventory that people are actively searching for on eBay How to rank your eBay listings higher in eBay search results How to create an attractive eBay shop window to help boost your sales [...]

Handle eBay returns and resolutions in one place

A guide to handling eBay returns Dealing with eBay returns can be a time consuming and costly business. eBay are ultra committed to making the returns process fast and easy for buyers. It means there’s huge pressure on sellers to operate a seamless returns & resolutions policy. Changes to eBay policies Changes to eBay’s returns rules have been announced for early 2016. Returns will no longer count as defects, provided eBay are not asked to intervene. The new measures are meant to improve the buyer’s experience and encourage sellers to offer refunds. It’s clear that having a returns policy that [...]

How to Increase traffic to your eBay listing and store

One of the beautiful things about selling on eBay is that you don't have to worry much about driving traffic to your eBay listings. eBay do most of the leg work for you as they already have a loyal customer base that you can promote your products to. Nonetheless, there are a few things that you can do to increase traffic to your eBay store and eBay listings. If you notice that some or all of your eBay listings are not receiving the attention that you think they deserve, take a look at the video below where I explain a [...]